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Chord Killing Me Inside - Black and White

Intro: F C Bb 4x
Dm C Bb C 2x Dm

Dm C Bb
I'm the runner who dont have a track for my run that i never know
the colour of my life
that came to me
Bb C-C#m-Dm
and i'm the one who cant feel what the black and white is tasted with you

music: Dm Bb C 4x
Bb C
but, i can leave anything i want in my life
Dm C
but sometimes i have to howl on

Dm Bb
trust me, just for tonight
and the tommorow will be come
just for tonight
Dm Bb
now,forget the last time
just like when we meet the first time
in the rainy day

Dm C Bb
now, i walked alone everywhere, anywhere and anytime
but my heart still just for you but stop
C Bb C
in my mind in my heart evermore

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melod: Dm...... Dm C Bb C 2x
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ending: Dm

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